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Pink Floyd Animals Dolby Atmos Mix 2024 pack shot

Pink Floyd Animals Dolby Atmos Coming in May

Pink Floyd, the iconic British rock band, is set to release a Dolby Atmos mix of their critically acclaimed 1977 album, Animals, through Warner Music on May 17. Order from Amazon.com or Amazon UK This marks the first time the album will be available in the immersive Dolby Atmos format, providing fans with a revolutionary listening experience. The release, titled “Animals 2018 Remix – Dolby Atmos,” will be available on Blu-ray and features the meticulous...

Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover Image

Pink Floyd’s Animals 2018 Remix Out Today

The wait is finally over – Pink Floyd’s eagerly anticipated release of Pink Floyd Animals 2018 remix is finally here! Although the deluxe version is out next month on the 7th October, all the other formats are available now including glorious vinyl. Many people will be left wondering how such a fantastically produced album could be remixed to sound better than the original, and many fans may well disagree if its possible to sound better....