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Iggy the Eskimo portrait

Iggy the Eskimo AKA Evelyn Rose – Her Biography

Iggy the Eskimo AKA Evelyn Rose or Iggy the Inuit Evelyn Rose, better known as “Iggy the Eskimo,” was a mysterious figure in the 1960s London scene. Little is known about her early life, including her exact birth date or family details. The nickname “Eskimo” is believed to have been given to her because of her mixed-race heritage. Some people mistakenly believed to have Inuit origins. The term Eskimo is considered offensive and is today...

Iggy Rose the Eskimo

City Wakes – Unseen Iggy The Eskimo Video

Links and Resources – | Iggy The Eskimo Photos | Syd Barrett – City Wakes Website | Previous News Story with full details | New Iggy Pics on City Wakes Website A previously unseen video of Iggy The Eskimo is to be shown on the final day of the Syd Barrett City Wakes event.  The event is the first official tribute to Syd Barrett and will incorporate a series of multi-faceted events that are expected to...