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Roger Waters The Lockdown Sessions

Roger Waters Lockdown Sessions Physical Release on CD/LP

Those of us who prefer the physical media of CDs and Vinyl will be please to know that Roger Waters’ Lockdown Sessions is being released on both CD and LP. They will be released on 2nd June 2023. Order Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com In December 2022 we were treated to the streaming version of the Lockdown Sessions, but many people will be glad to have on glorious vinyl. The Lockdown Sessions was recorded at home during the Covid lockdown between 2020 and 2021. The collection includes five seminal tracks from across Roger Waters’ time with Pink Floyd and his solo career; “Mother” and “Vera” from Pink Floyd The Wall; “Two Suns In The Sunset” and “The Gunner’s Dream” from Waters’ final Pink Floyd album, The Final Cut; and “The Bravery of Being Out Of Range” from his highly acclaimed solo album, Amused To Death. Waters’ new version of the classic Pink...

Roger Waters New Album 2023 Recording The Gunners Dream

New Roger Waters Album Out Next Year – The Lockdown Sessions

Roger Waters has a new album out, probably next year, and is currently away being mastered ready for release! This is in addition to another potential album from him “The Bar” centred around a new long song which he played for a Julian Asange benefit event last October 2021. Not to mention Roger Waters’ Memoirs. He revealed the news whilst recording a version of The Grayzone podcast. You can watch a video of the podcast recording below and there is also a transcript underneath the video of what he said. Thanks to The Pink Floyd Collectors for the heads up. During lock down Roger and the band recorded lots of new versions of various songs that they were working on and shared them as he went along. It would seem these recordings have probably been spruced up and sent to me mastered to make them sound nice and polished ready...