The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking North American Tour (1985), Roger Waters

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The “Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking” North American Tour in 1985 was a significant event in Roger Waters’ solo career, as it marked his first major tour after parting ways with Pink Floyd. This tour was in support of his first solo album, “The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking,” which was released in 1984. Here are some key aspects of this tour:

  1. Concept and Theme: The album and the tour were conceptual in nature, with the narrative revolving around a man’s dreams and reflections on his life, particularly focusing on themes of marriage, monogamy, and infidelity. The album itself was structured like a dream sequence, with each song representing a specific time in the early morning hours.
  2. Musical Style and Performance: The music was a mix of rock with significant progressive rock elements, characteristic of Waters’ work with Pink Floyd. The live performances were known for their storytelling approach, blending the songs with visual storytelling elements.
  3. Band and Performances: The tour featured a notable band lineup, including Eric Clapton on guitar, which added a distinctive blues-rock feel to the music. The other members of the touring band were also accomplished musicians, contributing to a high-quality live performance.
  4. Setlist: The setlist typically included the entire “The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking” album, performed in sequence, along with a selection of Pink Floyd songs. The inclusion of Pink Floyd material, albeit limited, was a draw for many fans.
  5. Stage Design and Visuals: The stage design and visual elements were an integral part of the show, with innovative lighting and projection techniques used to enhance the storytelling aspect of the performance. This approach was a continuation of the visually immersive style that Waters had developed with Pink Floyd.
  6. Reception and Legacy: The tour received mixed reviews. While Waters’ storytelling and the quality of the performance were praised, some critics and fans were divided over the departure from the classic Pink Floyd sound and the thematic content of the album and show.
  7. Impact on Waters’ Career: The tour established Roger Waters as a solo artist capable of carrying a full-scale rock production on his own. It set the stage for his future solo projects and tours, which would continue to explore complex themes and push the boundaries of live rock performance.

This tour was a pivotal moment for Waters, allowing him to step out of the shadow of Pink Floyd and assert his own artistic vision and style. It showcased his ability to weave intricate narratives into his music and stage performances, a trait that would define much of his solo career.

The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking North American Tour Dates (1985)

1985-03-19 : Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA
1985-03-20 : The Coliseum (Cleveland), Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1985-03-21 : Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo (New York), USA
1985-03-23 : Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Ontario), Canada
1985-03-26 : Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA
1985-03-27 : Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA
1985-03-28 : Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA
1985-03-29 : Spectrum Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1985-03-30 : The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
1985-04-03 : Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, California, USA
1985-04-04 : The Forum (LA), Los Angeles, California, USA
1985-04-06 : Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Phoenix), Phoenix, Arizona, USA
1985-04-08 : The Summit Sports Arena, Houston, Texas, USA
1985-04-09 : University of Texas (Frank Erwin Center), Austin, Texas, USA
1985-04-11 : The Omni Coliseum (Atlanta), Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1985-04-13 : The Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida, USA
1985-04-14 : Civic Centre Arena (Lakeland), Lakeland, Florida, USA