The Wall Immersion Box Set (2012)

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Release Date: 2012

Label: EMI

Format: Immersion Box Set

The Wall Immersion Box Set
The Wall Immersion Box Set

“The Wall Immersion Box Set” is a comprehensive collection that delves into the depths of Pink Floyd’s iconic 1979 album, “The Wall”. Released in 2012, this box set is a part of the band’s Immersion series, offering an expansive exploration of one of their most significant works.


  • The original studio album, remastered, across two CDs.
  • A previously unreleased live album from Pink Floyd’s 1980-1981 tour, spread across two CDs.
  • An additional CD featuring demos and work-in-progress versions of songs from “The Wall”.
  • Two DVDs and one Blu-ray containing a documentary, live performances, and rare footage.
  • A 44-page booklet containing photographs and artwork, alongside detailed insights into the album’s development.
  • Memorabilia including replicas of the original tour tickets, backstage passes, and more.

Special Features:

  • “The Wall” live, fully remastered, presenting the band’s extraordinary performances from 1980-1981.
  • A documentary showcasing the making of “The Wall”, featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Gerald Scarfe’s original illustrations and concept art, providing a visual journey through the themes of the album.

Critical Reception: The Immersion Box Set has been highly praised for its comprehensive nature, offering fans an in-depth experience of “The Wall”. Critics lauded the quality of the remastering and the inclusion of rare and unreleased materials, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of Pink Floyd.

Significance: This release not only celebrates the legacy of “The Wall” but also offers a unique insight into its creation and impact. It stands as a testament to Pink Floyd’s artistic vision and the enduring appeal of their music.

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