Monthly Archive: November 2022

Donovan feat David Gilmour - Gaelia Album 2022

New Music from David Gilmour and Donovan – Listen Now

Pink Floyd guitarist and singer David Gilmour has collaborated on two songs with folk-rock singer Donovan, on an album called Gaelia The Sulan Sessions, which is due to be released on 15th December, just in time for Christmas. David has collaborated with a great number of people over the years in production and session musician roles. He has two tracks on the new album with one called Rock Me, and the other being Lover O’ Lover. Both sound amazing. Donovan told Variety magazine… “I met up with David at Lord Michael and Lady Marina Cowdray’s country estate,” he says. “These two dear, noble friends of Linda and mine were holding amazing salons where the most futuristic creatives in music and awareness would gather. Soon Linda and I were headed with Michael and Marina and His Holiness the Tibetan Gylwang Drukpa of Ladakh up into the Himalayas to found a school in Ladakh. But back to...

Roger Waters New Album 2023 Recording The Gunners Dream

New Roger Waters Album Out Next Year – The Lockdown Sessions

Roger Waters has a new album out, probably next year, and is currently away being mastered ready for release! This is in addition to another potential album from him “The Bar” centred around a new long song which he played for a Julian Asange benefit event last October 2021. Not to mention Roger Waters’ Memoirs. He revealed the news whilst recording a version of The Grayzone podcast. You can watch a video of the podcast recording below and there is also a transcript underneath the video of what he said. Thanks to The Pink Floyd Collectors for the heads up. During lock down Roger and the band recorded lots of new versions of various songs that they were working on and shared them as he went along. It would seem these recordings have probably been spruced up and sent to me mastered to make them sound nice and polished ready...

Roger Waters Comfortably Numb 2022 Recording

Listen To New Recording of Comfortably Numb As You’ve Never Heard It!

Roger Waters has recorded a new version of Comfortably Numb which is rather different to the original recording that David Gilmour offered to Pink Floyd which went on to become probably their most famous song! The new version, recorded by Roger Waters inspired by a demo he did for his latest tour pre-lock-down, has been dropped down a key (not as high pitched to sing) which has made it sound much darker. It has a very distinct looking new video to go with it, looks great. The David Gilmour epic solos have also been removed and replaced with vocal scat instead which sounds great, like Clare Torry’s contribution to A Great Gig in the Sky from Dark Side of the Moon of course. Whilst many fans will not be pleased about the erasing of the guitar solos, it is interesting of course to hear the old song but done in...