Collectors Edition Dark Side of the Moon Released April 2024

Legendary rock band Pink Floyd is set to release a Collector’s Edition of their iconic album “The Dark Side Of The Moon,”. This release brings an innovative twist to the vinyl experience. This edition is not just another reissue, but a ground breaking advancement in the vinyl realm.

Pre-Order from Amazon UK with delivery 19th April or for delivery 5th April 2024

A Technological First for Pink Floyd

For the first time, Pink Floyd embraces a pioneering UV printing process on vinyl. This Collector’s Edition is a double 180g single-sided LP set. It has the unique feature of UV artwork print on the non-groove side. This method utilizes a high-end UV printer and UV-Led light to dry the permanent ink. This ensures the image remains pristine without affecting the audio quality.

Dark Side of the Moon 50th Collectors Edition
Dark Side of the Moon 50th Collectors Edition

Combining Art with Sound

The Dark Side Of The Moon’s famous prism spectrum is now visible through the playable side of the crystal clear vinyl, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. This is while upholding the superior sound quality Pink Floyd fans expect. This edition merges a visually stunning experience with perfect audio fidelity, offering the best of both worlds.

Exclusive Packaging and Availability

This special edition comes in a slipcased gatefold sleeve, accompanied by an exclusive poster, adding to its collector’s value. Following the 2023 release of the remastered album on CD, LP, and Blu-ray – first available as part of The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary Box Set – this Collector’s Edition is a continuation of the 50th Anniversary remaster campaign.

Pre-Order Now

Fans eager to own this unique piece of music history can pre-order the set now. This release is not just a tribute to the album’s legacy, but also a testament to Pink Floyd’s ongoing innovation in music presentation. With this release, Pink Floyd not only commemorates an era-defining album but also pushes the boundaries of what vinyl can offer. This Collector’s Edition of “The Dark Side Of The Moon” is a must-have for audiophiles and collectors alike, merging art and technology in a way that only Pink Floyd can.

Pre-Order from Amazon UK with delivery 19th April or for delivery 5th April 2024

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