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Nick Mason Pink Floyd Animation Competition DSotM

Pink Floyd Animation Competition Winner Announced Next Week

The winner of the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Animation Competition is set to be announced next week. The competition was announced as part of the Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary and there is £235,000 of prize money up for grabs. I wish I had entered a video now! Sadly, the competition closed in December 2023. I watched a video on Pink Floyd’s Facebook page earlier where Nick Mason explained what happens next with the competition. There is a transcript below of the video. “Hi, I want to let you know that in a weeks time I will be announcing the results of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon animation competition. We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses with over 900 entries. Each one was carefully vetted and a selection made for the nine judges to make their choices. The films came from all over the...

Dark Side of the Moon 50th Collectors Edition Case

Collectors Edition Dark Side of the Moon Released April 2024

Legendary rock band Pink Floyd is set to release a Collector’s Edition of their iconic album “The Dark Side Of The Moon,”. This release brings an innovative twist to the vinyl experience. This edition is not just another reissue, but a ground breaking advancement in the vinyl realm. Pre-Order from Amazon UK with delivery 19th April or Amazon.com for delivery 5th April 2024 A Technological First for Pink Floyd For the first time, Pink Floyd embraces a pioneering UV printing process on vinyl. This Collector’s Edition is a double 180g single-sided LP set. It has the unique feature of UV artwork print on the non-groove side. This method utilizes a high-end UV printer and UV-Led light to dry the permanent ink. This ensures the image remains pristine without affecting the audio quality. Combining Art with Sound The Dark Side Of The Moon’s famous prism spectrum is now visible through the...

1973 Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover

Dark Side of the Moon Lyrics

Home / Pink Floyd Lyrics / Dark Side of the Moon Lyrics “The Dark Side of the Moon” is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released in 1973. The album is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most innovative albums in the history of rock music, and has sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Sound System 1973

Pink Floyd Sound System in 50 Year Anniversary Viewing

The Pink Floyd PA system, used on the 1973 tour of Dark Side of the Moon, is being recreated in 2023! CH Vintage Audio will display the equipment at 5 of the Australian Pink Floyd concerts in the UK. It will appear in the foyers at the concerts. Shows are on at Guildford, Birmingham, Brighton and Bournemouth. Sound systems that could fill a large hall, let along a stadium, were developed alongside Pink Floyd growing as a band. Acoustic amplification used to be the order of the day. Philharmonic halls and the likes would have an angled ceiling to broadcast the audio at the audience. Pink Floyd PA Book Chris Hewitt from Cheshire, England, has the UK’s largest collection of Vintage audio equipment has has been documenting his experience with the development of large rock sound systems over the past few years in a 3 volume set of books. The...

Clare Torry Great Gig in the Sky Singer (1)

Clare Torry Great Gig in the Sky Singer

Clare H. Torry, born on 29 November 1947 in Marylebone, London, is an English singer. Clare Torry was the singer on Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon song Great Gig in the Sky. Her contribution to the album was immense. She created one of the most moving songs on the album with her soaring vocal improvisation. She would later sue the band for unpaid royalties claiming she effectively co-wrote the song Great Gig in the Sky. The other co-author was Richard Wright. Besides this iconic contribution, she sang the theme for the 1977 film OCE.She also performed Dolly Parton’s “Love Is Like a Butterfly” for the BBC TV series “Butterflies” from 1978 to 1983. Clare Torry Pink Floyd Connection Born to Geoffrey Napier Torry and Dorothy W. Singer, Clare began her singing career in the 1960s. She mostly covered popular songs and later worked for EMI as a staff...

Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary Bluray Standalone

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary Standalone Sets Announced

The wait is over for those who wanted to own the new Pink Floyd 50th Anniversary Edition of Dark Side of the Moon but didn’t want to fork out for the rather expensive (but very beautiful) boxset. Today, Pink Floyd, in collaboration with Warner Music for European distribution and Sony Music for the rest of the world, announced a standalone release of the newly remastered version of their iconic album, “The Dark Side Of The Moon.” The album will be available in various formats, including CD, LP, and Blu-ray, starting from October 13th. These separates are in addition to the Live at Webmley great sounding concert recording and the DSotM Official book. It will be available in different formats including CD, BluRay and LP. These three new formats of DSotM 50th Anniversary Edition will be released on Friday 13th October. The 6th October will see Roger Waters’ re-imagination of the...