David Gilmour New Album Recording…

David Gilmour new album for 2024 seems to be getting closer and closer. Polly Samson, lyricist, novelist and wife of David Gilmour, has shared another photo of David at work.

The latest photo, one of many in a year’s worth of posting, looks to be at Salvation Studios in Brighton. I assume this from the distinctive stained glass window in the background.

David Gilmour December 2023 Salvation Studios Brighton
David Gilmour 5th December 2023 Salvation Studios Brighton [ Pic: Polly Samson ]

The studio has recently undergone an extensive refit. Looking through their website, the studio looks very well equipped and very comfortable. The studio is owned by Russell Church – Music Producer & Studio Owner at Salvation Music Studios. I wonder who else has been in the studio recording with David?

Polly posted another picture recently of David with Roger Eno. He has previously worked with him on “A Boat Lies Waiting” and “Beauty” on Rattle That Lock.

When is David Gilmour’s New Album Out?

Fingers crossed there will be an official announcement soon about a new David Gilmour album in 2024. And hopefully that will mean a David Gilmour Tour 2024 to go with it.

What recording studios has David Gilmour used in the past?

David Gilmour, best known as the guitarist and vocalist of Pink Floyd, has recorded at several notable studios throughout his career. Some of these include:

  1. Abbey Road Studios (London, England): Famous for its association with The Beatles, Abbey Road Studios is a legendary recording venue where many Pink Floyd albums, including parts of “The Dark Side of the Moon,” were recorded.
  2. Britannia Row Studios (London, England): This studio was created by Pink Floyd after the success of “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Albums like “Animals” and parts of “The Wall” were recorded here.
  3. Astoria: This is a houseboat studio on the River Thames owned by David Gilmour. He recorded parts of his solo albums here, including “On An Island” and “Rattle That Lock.”
  4. Olympic Studios (London, England): Another iconic studio where Pink Floyd recorded some parts of their earlier albums.

These studios are famous not just for their association with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, but also for their historical significance in the music industry, having hosted a multitude of famous artists and bands over the years.

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