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David Gilmour’s new album Luck and Strange is not yet released therefore we do not know the lyrics to all of the songs on the album yet. We do know that Polly Samson has been writing David’s lyrics since he took over leadership of Pink Floyd. Many fans have enjoyed Polly Samson’s lyrics to David Gilmour’s songs because they are meaningful especially compared to some of David’s other solo stuff. So far, we know the lyrics to The Piper’s Call and the cover of Between Two Points.

  1. Black Cat
  2. Luck and Strange (song)
  3. The Piper’s Call
  4. A Single Spark
  5. Vita Brevis
  6. Between Two Points – with Romany Gilmour
  7. Dark and Velvet Nights
  8. Sings
  9. Scattered
David Gilmour Luck and Strange Artwork
David Gilmour Luck and Strange Artwork

This is David’s 5th solo album after a long pause since the last one. It will be toured but not extensively as David does not take much pleasure from extensive touring these days. The Pink Floyd world tours would be enough for anyone!

A number of people have been sharing their thoughts with NPF regarding Polly Samson’s lyrics. Many really enjoy them as they are more meaningful and reflective compared to some of David’s other efforts in the past.

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