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David Gilmour’s new album Luck and Strange is not yet released therefore we do not know the lyrics to this song yet. We do know that Polly Samson has been writing David’s lyrics since he took over leadership of Pink Floyd. Many fans have enjoyed Polly Samson’s lyrics to David Gilmour’s songs because they are meaningful.

From Uncut magazine, we know the song has the following line:

“I’m not ready for news
Or to leave this cocoon”

David Gilmour Luck and Strange Artwork
David Gilmour Luck and Strange Artwork
  1. Black Cat
  2. Luck and Strange
  3. The Piper’s Call
  4. A Single Spark
  5. Vita Brevis
  6. Between Two Points – with Romany Gilmour
  7. Dark and Velvet Nights
  8. Sings
  9. Scattered

Trivia about Sings by David Gilmour

This song was written in 1997 and was originally called “Sing, Daddy Sing”. This was because David Gilmour’s son Joe was saying these words whilst Gilmour was strumming the chords in his sitting room.