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Roger Waters Tour 2012

Roger Waters Tour 2012 is set to kick off in less than three weeks on 27nd January at Burswood Dome in Perth, Australia. If press reports last year are correct, he should be a married man by then as he weds Laurie Durning probably in USA before that date.

The 70 dates currently announced could well be expanded upon in 2012.  Roger hinted in a recent interview that he would be playing in August 2012. The tour has dates announced up until July 2012 so watch this space! Roger also said there is a possibility of him visiting Europe again with his Wall Live tour in 2013!

Roger Waters The Wall Tour has been received very well indeed since it started in Canada back in September 2010. Not only by fans either. Many in the live show production business have been suitably impressed with what has been achieved in terms of projecting one solid and high definition image across a wall spanning Arenas! Technology has certainly moved on from the 1980s when Pink Floyd toured The Wall and used three projectors to beam three separate images on the original wall!

Roger Waters Tour 2012

As mentioned, there are 70 dates announced so far on the Roger Waters Tour 2012 with the possibility that more will be added. You can view a comprehensive list of all the Wall Tour 2012 Dates. He is in Australia in Jan and Feb 2012 with 4 dates in New Zealand at the end of Feb. He is then shifting over the Chile in March 2012 sweeping over to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico which takes him up to the end of April 2012.

Roger is then going back to the USA which he announced on the Jimi Fallon show a short while back where he was joined by several bands over the course of a week performing various Wall songs, including the Foo Fighters. He is currently booked into USA in May, June and July. Although he did let slip that he will be playing in August so lets wait and see if he does some more North American dates. View full list of Roger Waters Tour 2012 dates.

Shadow Over 1980s Wall

The current tour of The Wall far overshadows the original tour of The Wall by Pink Floyd back in 1980/1981. Not only in terms of the production of the show and the impressive technology that Roger has at his disposal today like the projectors, sound system technology and pyro, but also the scale of the tour: the original visited only 4 cities (Los Angeles, Long Island, Dortmund, and London) and this tour has been all over the world!

Wall Immersion Boxset

In late February, The Wall album will be getting the Immersion boxset treatment for fans to enjoy. The boxset contains the original album remastered on two discs, the wall demos on two discs in various takes, two disks of Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live 1980-81 and a video disc which contains so short clips from the original Wall shows by Pink Floyd. Many fans have commented that they are disappointed that there is no 5.1 mix of the album which would have been an absolutely glorious treat. This may put many fans off purchasing this particular boxset. I suspect that when the Wall Live 2010-2013 DVD finally comes out, that will have perhaps a 5.1 mix version available of the original album. Roger took ownership of the publishing rights to The Wall and everything to do with it as something he negotiated with the remaining members of Pink Floyd after Roger left in the 1980s.

Tour Date Announcements

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