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Mammoth Pink Floyd Box Set for Nov 2016 Release! Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965 to 1972

Pink Floyd The Early Years 1967 to 1972 Box
Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965 to 1972 Box

Pink Floyd will release a mammoth box set covering the Early Years of 1965 to 1972.  It is released on 11th November 2016. There will also be a 2CD version available digitally and physically.

Pre-order now from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set

The Early Years 1965 – 1972 is a comprehensive 27-disc boxset that sees Pink Floyd delve into their vast music archive to produce a deluxe package that includes 7 individual book-style volumes, featuring much previously unreleased material.

The seven book style volumes include the following themes:

  1. 1965-1967 – CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION – includes unrelased material from pre-EMI contract like Vegetable Man and an unreleased concert performance from 1967 in Stockholm.
  2. 1968 – GERMIN/ATION – explores Pink Floyd following Syd Barrett’s departure where the band are trying to find their feet and sound.
  3. 1969 – DRAMATIS/ATION – The Man and The Journey content is covered here.
  4. 1970 – DEVI/ATION – Zabriskie Point material covered here.
  5. 1971 – REVERBER/ATION – pre Dark Side of the Moon from Nothing to Return of the Son of Nothing.
  6. 1972 – OBFUSC/ATION – live at Pompeii and recording Obscured by Clouds in France covered here.
  7. BONUS – CONTINU/ATION (Exclusive to ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’ box set) – material includes 3 feature films: ‘The Committee’, ‘More’ and ‘La Vallée’
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 4
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 4

The Early Years box set contains unreleased tracks, BBC Radio Sessions, remixes, outtakes and alternative versions over an incredible 11 hours, 45 mins of audio (made up of 130+ tracks) and live and TV performance in over 14 hours of audio-visual material.

You can look at the full track listing of the Pink Floyd Early Years 1965-1972 box set on our forum.

Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 3
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 3

The content includes over 20 unreleased songs, more than 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and over 5 hours of rare concert footage are included, along with 5 meticulously produced 7” singles in replica sleeves, collectable memorabilia, feature films and new sound mixes.

Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 2
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set 2

Previously unreleased tracks include 1967’s Vegetable Man and In The Beechwoods, which have been mixed for the first time, specially for this release.

The Early Years 1965-1972 will give collectors the opportunity to hear the evolution of the band and witness their part in cultural revolutions from their earliest recordings and studio sessions to the years prior to the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon, one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

From the single Arnold Layne to the 20-minute epic Echoes, fans will see the invention of psychedelic progressive rock via an insightful collection that explores the Pink Floyd story from the time Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Syd Barrett met at London’s Regent Street Polytechnic, through to Syd’s departure and David Gilmour joining to form the iconic lineup.

Each individual book-style package will be released separately early in 2017, except ‘BONUS CONTINU/ATION’ which is exclusive to this box set.

Pink Floyd Cre/ation The Early Years 1967 – 1972:

Pink Floyd Creation Front Cover
Pink Floyd Creation Front Cover

A 2CD collection the Cre/ation The Early Years 1967 – 1972 highlights set will also be available.

It will be available as a digital download and also the physical variety.

Pre-order the boxset now from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Roger Waters and Other Big Names at Huge Festival in 2016

Roger Waters Coachella 2016
Roger Waters Coachella 2016

Roger Waters will be performing at Coachella organised festival in October 2016 as part of an amazing line up of huge bands and artists in what is set to be a monumental three nights of concerts.

Other artists performing at the amazing festival are The Who, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. This could be one of the last times bands from this era get together and play a festival so is an historical moment in the history of classic rock.

It will take place in the Colorado Desert at Empire Polo Club in Coachella Valley, Indio, California over three nights covering 7th October to 9th October 2016.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival feature a range of music genres from Rock, Indie and Hip Hop to Electronic dance music and features art installations and sculptures.

The festival has its roots in being a protest against TicketMaster in 1993 when Pearl Jam first performed at the Empire Polo Club setting the precedent that music festivals could be successful there.

Roger Waters Coachella Pig 2016
Roger Waters Coachella Pig 2016

In 2015 the festival sold an impressive 198,000 tickets. This compares to the UK’s Glastonbury Festival which sells around 175,000. Roger Waters has performed there before in April 2008 during his Dark Side of the Moon tour. Looking to earn money hosting film shoots and helping new artists? Visit this site for more information.

Tickets are not on sale yet and news will follow of the details.

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