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Photos of Pink Floyd’s New Album The Endless River on Vinyl

Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master
Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master

Acoustic Sounds has shared some photos of Pink Floyd’s new studio album The Endless River they are working on for release in October 2014.

Acoustic Sounds were chosen to handle the release of the double vinyl of the album and have received the master copies as you can see below from The Mastering Lab.

Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master in its shipping box, very exciting!
Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master in its shipping box, very exciting!

There are of course four sides to a double vinyl recording and all four of these were sent to Acoustic Sounds at Quality Record Pressings, straight from Doug Sax and crew at The Mastering Lab northwest of Los Angeles.

The follow-up to 1994’s ‘The Division Bell,’ ‘The Endless River’ marks the 15th studio album by the famed British band. Scheduled to release in October, ‘The Endless River’ finds David Gilmour and Nick Mason completing work on sessions with the late keyboardist and founding member Rick Wright. This is the third album by the Gilmour-helmed Pink Floyd after Roger Waters’ departure from the band in 1985.

Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master getting ready to go into production.
Pink Floyd The Endless River Vinyl Master getting ready to go into production.

The album is based on unreleased material the band produced with Wright during sessions for ‘The Division Bell’ in 1994. Ultimate Classic Rock has done a nifty ’10 Facts You Need to Know’ roundup concerning some pertinent nuggets about the new album – for instance, what started as a collection of all-instrumentals now has lyrics, and some Gilmour lead vocals. 

Acoustic Sounds said, “We’re ecstatic that QRP was chosen to press ‘The Endless River’ on vinyl and proud that our recent pressing of ‘The Division Bell’ was so highly received. When we say we press the world’s finest-sounding LPs, we mean it.”

New Waters and Gilmour Albums?

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Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – 5.1 SACD On The Way

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - SACD Artwork
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – SACD Artwork

The long-awaited 5.1 version of ‘Wish You Were Here’, mixed by James Guthrie, will be released on 7th November 2011 via independent label Acoustic Sounds. So, all of you that bought an SACD player to listen to Dark Side of the Moon when that was released on SACD will have another disc to add to your collection!

The SACD is, of course, being released as part of the huge release schedule which comes under the title “Why Pink Floyd…” which starts from 26th September 2011.

The release had originally been scheduled for around February 2008 but this never happened!

The man who designed the original artwork and the new artwork you see to the right (apologies for poor quality, I photographed it out of Mind Over Matter book by Storm Thorgerson) had these words to say about the project, “Like Dark Side of the Moon SACD it seemed appropriate to re-present the imagery in a different fashion, same thing but seen differently, just like the music, which would be the same thing but heard differently due to the remix (a remix tailored to the six speakers involved, which of course you have to go out and buy, being as you are living in a consumer society).

One of the features of the original WYWH cover is the involvement of the four elements of antiquity, Earth, Air, Fire and Water or, in our case, sand, wind, fire and water. Thus we decided the subject of the original artwork, or print therof, to the element in question, such that the burning man is now a print buried in a desert, the diving man is a print viewed underwater and the veil is a cloth picture blowing in the wind.

I shall post more news about the SACD as it becomes available.

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