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Rick Wright On An Island Tour 2006

Richard Wright’s 80th Birthday – Wet Dream Remix Released with Dolby Atmos Screening Last Night in London

Today, we celebrate what would have been the 80th birthday of a true musical legend, Richard Wright. As the visionary keyboardist of Pink Floyd, Wright’s beautiful soundscapes and exploratory harmonies played an integral part in creating the band’s distinct, immersive sound. From the dreamy chords in ‘Us and Them’ to the hypnotic textures of ‘Echoes’, Wright’s contributions were the heart of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic canvas, creating a sonic backdrop against which the band painted their legendary, era-defining music. He was not just a keyboard player; he was a sound explorer, a space weaver, and an ethereal architect of Pink Floyd’s iconic sound. Wright may have departed this world, but his legacy continues to live on, touching the hearts of millions, inspiring countless musicians, and reshaping the landscape of rock music as we know it. Today, we remember and honour him. Happy birthday, Richard Wright. Wet Dream Out Today To mark...

Richard Wright Wet Dream Remix 2023 Pack Shot

Rick Wright’s Wet Dream Remix Out July 2023

Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright would have celebrated his 80th birthday this coming 28th July 2023. To mark the occasion, one of his solo albums, Wet Dream, has been remixed by Steven Wilson and has been given new cover art. It will be released as CD and also on streaming platforms initially. It will be released on deep blue transparent marbled vinyl, Blu-ray and Dolby Atmos on 29th September 2023. There will be pictures and videos never before seen from Rick’s life included. Also, the new mix additionally includes 2 extra passages of music that were edited out of the original mix. Producer Steven Wilson said, “For anyone hearing the album for the first time it will become apparent just how much of Richard’s DNA runs through Pink Floyd. His distinctive rhythm patterns, signature keyboard sounds, vocals, jazz influences, and style of play exude throughout.” Grab a copy of...