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Pink Floyd Bootlegs Streaming

Pink Floyd Bootlegs on Streaming Platforms

Pink Floyd Music Limited has discreetly released a load of Pink Floyd RoIO’s (Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin) on streaming services like Spotify, in what is probably a move to elongate the copyright claim to their earlier albums, given that copyright expires after 70 years if the work has not been...

Have You Got It Yet HYGIY Syd Barrett

Have You Got It Yet? HYGIY? Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett, what an amazing mythological character! He has gained cult status across the seven seas and has made a large splash in the ocean of modern music! Have You Got It Yet? is a compilation of unreleased material that is now freely available for all fans of Syd Barrett...

T’Internet – A Bootleg Fan’s Paradise

T’Internet – A Bootleg Fan’s Paradise

A brief look at the development of bootleg trading and its transformation after the introduction of the internet. The article looks at new electronic trading systems and questions what the future of bootleg trading may be in light of The Who making their own concert bootlegs and selling them! —————————————————————————-...