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Vera Lyrics (Waters) 1:38

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that
We would meet again
Some sunny day?
Vera! Vera!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else here
Feel the way I do?

The epic rock opera The Wall is one of Pink Floyd’s most popular albums and had great commercial success.

  1. In the Flesh?
  2. The Thin Ice
  3. Another Brick in the Wall Part 1
  4. The Happiest Days of our Lives
  5. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
  6. Mother
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky
  8. Empty Spaces
  9. Young Lust
  10. One of My Turns
  11. Don’t Leave Me Now
  12. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
  13. Goodbye Cruel World
  14. Hey You
  15. Is There Anybody Out There?
  16. Nobody Home
  17. Vera
  18. Bring the Boys Back Home
  19. Comfortably Numb
  20. The Show Must Go On
  21. In The Flesh
  22. Run Like Hell
  23. Waiting for the Worms
  24. Stop
  25. The Trial
  26. Outside the Wall

“Vera” – An In-Depth Analysis

1. Introduction to “Vera” “Vera” is a short, yet deeply moving song from Pink Floyd’s 1979 album “The Wall.” Named after Vera Lynn, a British singer known for her songs during World War II, this track is imbued with nostalgia and longing. It stands out for its emotional depth, despite its brevity, and adds a layer of historical context to the album’s narrative.

2. Lyrical Themes and Significance The lyrics of “Vera” reflect the protagonist Pink’s yearning for a lost past and a sense of comfort that seems unattainable. The song references Vera Lynn’s famous song “We’ll Meet Again,” evoking a sense of hope amidst despair. This reference serves to deepen the album’s exploration of war’s impact on the human psyche, particularly through Pink’s memories of his father, who died in World War II.

3. Musical Composition Musically, “Vera” is simple yet poignant. The arrangement is sparse, with a focus on Roger Waters’ vocals and minimal instrumental accompaniment. This simplicity serves to highlight the emotional weight of the lyrics, creating a sense of intimacy and introspection. The song’s placement in the album, following the more bombastic “Bring the Boys Back Home,” emphasizes its reflective nature.

4. Role in “The Wall” In the broader context of “The Wall,” “Vera” serves as a moment of reflection and emotional vulnerability. It connects the personal trauma of Pink to the collective experience of those affected by war. The song also underscores the theme of loss and the longing for a connection to a past that can never be fully reclaimed.

5. Impact and Legacy “Vera” has been praised for its ability to convey profound emotions in a very concise format. The song’s reference to Vera Lynn and its thematic exploration of nostalgia and loss resonate with listeners familiar with the history of World War II, as well as those who relate to the feeling of longing for a bygone era. It remains a poignant and memorable piece in Pink Floyd’s discography.

In conclusion, “Vera” is a powerful and emotionally charged song that encapsulates the themes of loss, nostalgia, and the longing for a past that is irretrievably lost. Its simplicity and historical references add depth to “The Wall,” making it a vital component of the album’s narrative tapestry.

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