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Roger Waters Tour 2013 - The Wall Live Concerts

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The Wall tour has now concluded and there are no announced tour dates. As and when any new tour dates are announced they shall be announced on NPF so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get instant notification or the NPF Newsletter which will keep you up to date.

What an amazing tour the Wall concerts were. Amazing. If you were fortunate enough to see one of the live shows, then feel free to leave a comment below.

The Wall Live DVD?

Now that the tour is over, I imagine The Wall Live DVD will be worked on to its completion ready for a release date to be set. Stay tuned for that. I suspect it would be 2014 when it is released as these Pink Floyd related things do tend to take a while from past experience. Come and discuss The Wall Live DVD with us over on the forum to find out more.

There are no confirmed concert dates coming up as of yet. However, they are expected very soon!

Let us keep you informed when tickets, dates and venues are announced by subscribing to the NPF Newsletter.

In the meantime, have a browse around past concerts.

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Roger Waters 2013 Tour

Dates are being announced quite often now so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get instant notification or the NPF Newsletter!

Pink Floyd Tour 2013

Many of us live in hope that Pink Floyd will get together and do either one last tour (a Pink Floyd World Tour 2013 would be nice) or perhaps even better a new studio album of original material.

However, this is not likely to happen so you will have to make do with Roger! ;-) Nick Mason has been saying in interviews during 2011 that the band may get back together at some point to do a significant charity event like Live 8. Seems like a good idea to me although having no Richard Wright will mean it would not be quite the same. We live in hope.

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Roger Waters Tickets

For the Roger Waters Tickets, you should register on his official website, select which cities you are interested in, then you will have a chance to purchase pre-sale tickets for the best seats in the house! There are also other ticket sites.