Roger Waters and Nick Mason

Roger Waters, ex bass player, singer and songwriter of Pink Floyd, has now finished his 2002 In The Flesh tour and definitely was saving the best to nearly last. On the 26th June, Nick Mason, the Pink Floyd drummer, was welcomed on stage to play drums for Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Roger said “I have a surprise for you… old friend is waiting back here….”. And out popped Nick Mason from the white doors centre stage!!

Set the Controls is a Pink Floyd classic from the Saucerful of Secrets album. The significance of the guest appearance is that the almost certainty that Pink Floyd will never play again as a unit (all members including Roger, David, Nick and Rick) is now more of a possibility, although unlikely! Maybe even Syd is well enough! We can but dream! Imagine a complete reunion.

The last time David Gilmour saw Roger Waters was in a pub. Roger was with some friends and David took it upon himself to go over and say hello to Roger after many years of silence. Roger left the pub with his friends and they haven’t seen each other since… apparently! David has even considered attending one of Roger’s concerts in disguise but didn’t.

Although it remains unlikely that Pink Floyd will play again as that once wonderful unit of great songwriting and lyrics from Roger Waters and the great textured musicianship of Gilmour, Mason and Wright, there is now a new ray of hope shining though the otherwise darkened clouds of the Pink Floyd legacy.

Roger Waters is playing the last night of the legendary Glastonbury festival this Sunday. It is confirmed definitely now!! Unfortunately, he will be warming the, by this point, half dead audience up for, wait for it, Rod Stewart Although Rod (that’s a name) is a well accomplished artist, he doesn’t quite do it for me. What about you?

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