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Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason Remix 2021

Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Remixed and Updated. Released October 2021

The remixed A Momentary Lapse of Reason, with less 80s heavy audio processing, has been busted out of the big Later Years boxset and is going to be available, on October 29th, in several formats as detailed below in the article. Order now from Amazon UK or Amazon Worldwide Remixed and updated from the original 1987 master tapes for The Later Years by Andy Jackson with David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will be available on Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray and digitally with Stereo and 5.1 mixes and can be ordered Let us know your thoughts on the forum. What New? 360 Reality Audio! In addition, for the first time, the album will be presented in 360 Reality Audio, a new immersive music experience that closely mimics the omni-directional soundscape of live musical performance for the listener using Sony’s object-based 360 Spatial Sound technologies. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will also...

Pink Floyd Division Bell 20th Anniversary Edition Box Set Contents

Division Bell 20th Anniversary Box Set Released Today by Pink Floyd

The 20th Anniversary edition of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell is released today and gets the special deluxe box set treatment for fans to enjoy. In addition to the box set, there is also a double vinyl if you do not want to invest in the full box set. The boxset includes all sorts of goodies as with the Immersion Editions of Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. The goodies in those box sets kept many fans happy for some time. The Division Bell boxset continues along that theme. The box set contains 6 discs (CD and Vinyl mix), collector’s prints,  a blu-ray disc and features a 5.1 mix of the album released for the first time, mixed and mastered by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins. The blu-ray disc also features a new music video for the song Marooned which was directed by Aubrey Powell at Hipgnosis....

The Eden House with Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson’s Band The Eden House – Record Engineer of Floyd and Gilmour

Pink Floyd and David Gilmour recording engineer Andy Jackson is in a band called The Eden House. They have a new album out next month called the “Timeflows EP” and will be released on February 27th 2012 through Jungle Records. The digital download version will be made available a week earlier on the 20th. Go check out their band website, have a listen to some tunes there, watch some video and enjoy. ;-) If Andy has been involved, I bet it sounds great! ;-) There is a video interview with Andy on the Astoria Houseboat Recording Studio belonging to David Gilmour on RecordProduction.com which you may wish to check out. He talks about the recording of the On An Island from a techie studio engineer point of view. If you know what Pro Tools is and, better still, have used it, go have a watch.  David Gilmour recorded such things...