Watch Full Pink Floyd New Album Press Video – 10min EPK

Endless River new Pink Floyd album

David Gilmour recording vocals for Endless River new Pink Floyd album

You can now watch the full Pink Floyd new album press kit on the Amazon website which runs for a full 10 minutes.

Previously there have been two shorter electronic press kit videos (EPKs) made available but this is the full one for you to enjoy.

The video tells the story of how the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River came about and offers some anecdotes about its recording process, including being cramped in a very small studio space with lots of recording equipment and recalling being banned from the Royal Albert Hall where they recorded Richard Wright playing the organ there which features on the new album. The management were also not pleased with Nick Mason putting nails in the stage to keep his drum kit in place!

Tomorrow is the month in which the new album is released on multiple formats. To see the formats in which the new Pink Floyd album is released, take a look at our Endless River Pink Floyd article.

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