David Gilmour on Forthcoming Piano & Friends record by Jools Holland

Jools Holland with David Gilmour and Polly Samson

A tiny fragment of information slipped out of Jools Holland’s Instagram the other day. David Gilmour has recorded on his forthcoming album Piano and Friends.

Jools Holland is of course the host of Later With… Jools Holland, a long running music show on the BBC in the UK. He is also a composer, pianist and bandleader of his rhythm and blues orchestra. David Gilmour has recorded for many people over the years and done live performances too. This isn’t the first time David has recorded with Jools.

Jools was wishing his friend happy birthday the other week when he posted on his instagram…

Happy birthday to one of the worlds greatest guitar players, singers, songwriters, musicians and all round legendary great blokes @davidgilmour seen here with @pollysamson. David recently recorded for my forthcoming piano and friends record. Can’t wait for you to hear it


Watch David Gilmour with Mica Paris and Jools Holland

David has performed multiple times on Later With… Jools Holland. One of my favoufrite recordings was done with Mica Paris and they did a cover of I Put A Spell on You, featuring Jools on keys and David on, you guessed it… trombone!

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