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Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover Image

Pink Floyd’s Animals 2018 Remix Out Today

The wait is finally over – Pink Floyd’s eagerly anticipated release of Pink Floyd Animals 2018 remix is finally here! Although the deluxe version is out next month on the 7th October, all the other formats are available now including glorious vinyl. Many people will be left wondering how such a fantastically produced album could be remixed to sound better than the original, and many fans may well disagree if its possible to sound better. But it does sound much punchier and cleaner overall, and some of the change in emphasis in the mix is something new to enjoy given the band doesn’t release new material anymore. Pink Floyd drummer and Saucerful of Secrets band leader, Nick Mason, did an interview with Consequence of Sound about the release of the album noting that he is please people can now stop asking him when it is out! The release has been...

Roger Waters 2023 European Tour Announced

A number of 2023 European tour dates have been announced on Roger Waters farewell tour Live In The Round. Roger, who turned 79 on 6th September, will kick off the European leg of his 2023 tour in Spain at the Palau St Jordi in Barceloba on 21st March 2023. The tour dates announced so far call at Spain,Italy, Poland and Czech Republic. Hopefully he will be announcing a load more shortly so get our newsletter to remain informed. Details and ordering on Roger Waters website.

Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time - Pink Floyd Win of course!

Pink Floyd Win Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time – listen to the demo recordings

Planet Rock Radio has done an online poll to find the greatest guitar solo of all time. They let fans vote for any song they liked so didn’t limit the choice. The great news is that Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb came in at number one, and that it had nearly 10% of the vote – an astonishing result given the open ended question of which guitar solo is the greatest. The music was composed by David Gilmour during the recording of his solo album in 1978 where he hummed a melody over the top of the music he recorded. You can listen below to his first demo recording. There was also a demo made by Pink Floyd under the working title of The Doctor, which has different lyrics to the final studio version, and Roger Waters added the lyrics to that as part of his rock opera, The Wall, which...

Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill Tour 2022 Audience Sign

The Importance of Roger Waters’ Message and The Sign

Roger Waters’ This Is Not A Drill Tour is currently underway, delighting concert goers in North America. Roger’s tours are always a great success and push the boundaries of what a concert can look and feels like. He is also highly political which is not to many people’s taste who are more interested in “the music” rather than “the politics”. Roger Waters’ shows are important. Not only are the shows spectacular from a production point of view (with the fans immersed in the performance all around them, with award winning projections and stage production), fans also get to hear Roger’s political views. Roger Waters’ 2022 Tour was billed as a stunning indictment of the corporate dystopia in which we all struggle to survive, and a call to action to LOVE, PROTECT and SHARE our precious and precarious planet home. Given this sense of purpose, Roger has become quite offended by...

Roger Waters : Amused to Death : Analogue Productions : 2022 4LP Release

Roger Waters: Amused To Death, Analogue Productions Edition

The much celebrated Roger Waters solo album, Amused To Death, is to be released in a new 45RPM 4LP 200g set with remastered audio from James Guthrie. It costs £190 so will probably not feature in most people’s collections. This is according to Rough Trade records in the UK. The American distributor Acoustic Sounds has it as a 180g pressing. Rough Trade appears to have to finished artwork on their site, so presumably their information is the most up to date. Discuss on the forum. In addition to this release, people are of course waiting for the Animals 5.1 mix to be released with the edited liner notes which were causing a delay. My well placed source said the rumoured release date of 30th September 2022 is something they are not aware of. More About the Release This audiophile favourite — and a brisk seller since its Analogue Productions 33...

Pink Floyd – The Animals Tour – A Visual History By Glenn Povey

New Book: Pink Floyd – The Animals Tour – A Visual History By Glenn Povey

A new book by celebrated author Glenn Povey is on the way concerning Pink Floyd’s Animals Tour. There are three editions, the Hardcover £35, the Signed Hardcover £50, and a deluxe boxset £99 with some extra goodies in. Glenn is rather the authority in documenting Pink Floyd’s history and has published many excellent books. Order here and discuss here. Deluxe boxset contains: Hardback Book Repro Memorabilia Signed and numbered certificate Animals was Pink Floyd’s 10 th studio album, released almost 10 years on from their psychedelic debut that launched the band on to the world stage. But this release couldn’t be farther from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn if you tried: It was a hard-hitting politically charged heavy rock album. Its three central pieces, ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’, Dogs’ and ‘Sheep’ each extending to over 10 minutes each drew parallels with George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare Animal Farm. Its...