David Gilmour’s New Album Has A Famous Guest On Piano…

David Gilmour New Album 2015
David Gilmour New Album 2015 (Pic: Polly Samson 2015)

Some encouraging news regarding David Gilmour’s new album became apparent after David’s wife, Polly Samson, posted a photo on social media website instagram.

Jools Holland can be seen in the photo to the right with David Gilmour recording the new album in a studio. Click photo to enlarge.

Polly said on her post “A good day at work today.” She later elaborated saying “it really was fantastic today – Jools’ playing so perfect for the song, D fired up and much joy. X”

David Gilmour Tour

David Gilmour’s last studio album On an Island was given an extensive tour around the world much to the enjoyment of fans the world over.  The recent release of Pink Floyd’s The Endless River studio album has likely got fans excited again for seeing David Gilmour (Roger Waters too separately) touring again.

David has said in interviews recently that the tour accompanying the album he is recording will be lower key and will call at venues like Radio Music Hall in USA. David said, “There haven’t been many discussions about the tour. But places like Radio City Music Hall sound like the right sort of vibe for me.”

If he wants to keep it low key, he is welcome to come play in my back garden and have a beer too!

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20 thoughts on “David Gilmour’s New Album Has A Famous Guest On Piano…”

  1. I don’t care much for the endless river album, but the session on the dvd/blueray are awesome! nervana !!!

  2. Unfortunately Dave hasn’t released a decent solo album since his ’78 effort. ABOUT FACE has 2 maybe 3 good tracks on it and ON AN ISLAND is a snooze fest. And that had Crosby and Nash on it, so apparently famous guests don’t enhance the effort.

    Three things need to happen IMHO to get a great solo album out of Dave. 1) He needs to strip down to a 3 piece. Maybe get Rick Willis and Willie Wilson back in to the fold. 2) Stop using his wiife’s wishy-washy lyrics and write his own. And most importantly 3) Grow a set of BALLS!

  3. I want to see David, Roger and Nick perform Pink Floyd’s music. It should be a memorium concert for Rick Wright. And get a famous person on keyboards (preferably someone from their time era to keep it authentic). Now that is the “RIGHT THING” to do. Give the people what they really want.

  4. Worlds Greatestsinner – Wow, artists make music that they like/have inspiration for. If you like it too that’s great but I don’t think you should tell them what kind of music to make. I would love to see David, Roger, and Nick back together again, but that seems unlikely given that David is very happy doing what he is doing. On an Island is a great piece of work, I thank David for sharing it with us.

  5. The more i thought about/played endless river the more i enjoyed it !
    It touches upon a lot of pink floyd’s previous albums, going way back.
    Its a good way to say farewell, a couple of tracks (from late 60’s) dont do a lot for me as i’m mostly from the ‘Meddle’ album onwards, but its apt to cover a broader range. Overall, i believe they got it right, and i really enjoy it and wish it could be performed live on stage,

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