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Pink Floyd’s Eclipse Lyrics

All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All you feel.
All that you love
All that you hate
All you distrust
All you save.
All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy,
beg, borrow or steal.
All you create
All you destroy
All that you do
All that you say.
All that you eat
And everyone you meet
All that you slight
And everyone you fight.
All that is now
All that is gone
All that’s to come
and everything under
the sun is in tune
but the sun
is eclipsed by the moon.

“There is no dark side
of the moon really.
Matter of fact
it’s all dark.”

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About The Song

“Eclipse” is the final track of Pink Floyd’s iconic 1973 album “The Dark Side of the Moon,” bringing the album to a powerful and philosophical conclusion. The song encapsulates the album’s themes, tying together the various threads of life, humanity, and existence into a profound closing statement.

“Eclipse” serves as the grand finale to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon,” summing up the album’s deep exploration of human experience. With its richly layered vocals and instrumentation, the track delivers a sense of completion to the journey listeners have been on, starting with “Speak to Me” and moving through life’s myriad aspects.

The lyrics, delivered with compelling force by Roger Waters, touch on the universal and cyclical nature of life, noting that everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. It’s a philosophical reflection on the interconnectedness of all things and the transient shadows that human struggles and conflicts cast upon our world.

Musically, “Eclipse” builds to a crescendo that mirrors the emotional weight of its words. Each instrument joins in harmony, culminating in an orchestral-like climax that underscores the album’s recurring motifs — the passage of time, the pressures of society, and the unity of human experience.

As the song and the album come to an end, listeners are left with a moment of contemplative silence, pondering the timeless message delivered through Pink Floyd’s masterful blend of lyrics and sound.

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