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On The Run
(Gilmour, Waters) 3:32

[female announcer, announcing flights at airport, including ‘Rome’]
“Live for today, gone tomorrow, that’s me, HaHaHaaaaaa!”


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About The Song

“On the Run” from Pink Floyd’s seminal album “The Dark Side of the Moon” is a sonic depiction of the stress and madness of relentless travel and the impersonal hustle of the modern world. The track is entirely instrumental, driven by a sequencer pattern on a synthesizer that was groundbreaking at the time of the album’s release.

With its racing electronic rhythms and an overlay of synthesized effects, “On the Run” creates an atmosphere filled with tension and disquiet. The sound of footsteps running, distorted voices, and an impending sense of doom climax with an explosive sound effect, reinforcing the themes of chaos and the unexpected accidents life can bring.

The track’s placement in the album’s narrative arc contributes to the broader commentary on the pressures of contemporary society, where the individual can often feel like they are perpetually on the run, chased by unseen forces or their own life’s demands.

“On the Run” showcases Pink Floyd’s innovative use of technology, including synthesizers and tape effects, to craft a piece that is as much an exploration of sound as it is a thematic exploration of time and anxiety.

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