Jim Ladd Passes Away, Roger Waters Reflects

Jim Ladd, the American disc jockey, radio producer and writer, has passed away from a heart attack on 16th December 2023.

Jim Ladd and Roger Waters were involved primarily through their collaboration on Roger Waters’ album “Radio K.A.O.S.,” released in 1987. In this concept album, Jim Ladd’s voice is featured, providing spoken segments and playing a character within the album’s narrative. This inclusion of a real-life radio personality added a layer of authenticity and depth to the album’s exploration of communication and media themes.

Roger Waters with Jim Ladd
Roger Waters with Jim Ladd

Beyond “Radio K.A.O.S.,” their professional relationship was marked by mutual respect and shared artistic sensibilities. Ladd was known for his appreciation and understanding of Waters’ music, often featuring it on his radio shows. This helped in bringing Waters’ solo work to a wider audience, especially in the United States where Ladd’s influence in the rock music radio scene was significant.

Roger Waters Facebook Response

Jim Ladd 1948-2023

My old friend Jim Ladd died yesterday in his sleep.

RIP Jim Ladd. As the Irish have it, “I’m sorry for my loss.” I just watched an interview I did with Jim in 1984, fu** he was good, and so was Stewy my cocker spaniel. Jim suffered a setback at work recently. SiriusXM, for whom he worked, cut him from six Deep Tracks shows a week to one. Thank you Scott Greenstein, and if it wasn’t you, you should have stopped who ever it was. I believe Jim was fired, partly at least, because of me. Against the company’s better judgment Jim had interviewed me on Deep Tracks, and our conversation had veered too close to the sacred cow, Israel, and it’s subjugation of the Palestinians.

I loved Jim and he loved me. I got him the job at Sirius when the meat grinder that is modern LA finally closed its door on his legendry career at KMET and KLOS. Jim was a revolutionary. Jim Ladd believed in the power of love. Jim Ladd believed in telling the truth, Jim Ladd believed in human rights, Jim Ladd believed in Freeform Radio.

#JimLadd and I were in discussion about starting a new Radio Station next year. Radio KAOS FM. I can’t imagine it without Jim, but? Who knows? Maybe someone will step up to fill his mighty shoes?

Resistance to evil empires will always be there, thank god, and the US evil empire is now cheerleading genocides. If there ever was a time for the young to pick up Jim Ladd’s torch and continue his lifetimes work of bringing light into the dark places, it is now!

I will miss you my brother.



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