Phil Manzanera Memoirs feat. David Gilmour

Phil Manzanera and David Gilmour
Phil Manzanera and David Gilmour

Roxy music guitarist and record produce Phil Manzanera, who you may have seen playing guitar on David Gilmour’s tours, has his memoirs coming out.

Phil Manzanera, a renowned figure in the UK music scene and a celebrated record producer, is set to release his memoir, “Revólución to Roxy.”

The book, chronicling his exceptional journey, is scheduled for a special limited edition pre-order from December 1st, with deliveries commencing in January 2024. The normal kindle, hardback and paperback are out on 22nd March 2024.

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Phil Manzanera Revolucion to Roxy Book January 2024 Boxset
Phil Manzanera Revolucion to Roxy Book January 2024 Boxset

This memoir is not just about Manzanera’s musical escapades with Roxy Music and his collaborations with David Gilmour and other music icons. It delves deeper, unraveling his family’s compelling history. This narrative traces back to the 15th century, detailing the expulsion of the Sephardic Jews from Spain, the revolution in Cuba in 1959, and the discovery of his Neapolitan Opera musician grandfather. These personal and historical insights offer a captivating backdrop to his celebrated music career.

Phil Manzanera expresses his motivation for penning down this memoir, highlighting his desire to share his life’s journey not only with his family in England and Colombia but also with friends and fans who have been part of his musical journey for over five decades. From his vivid childhood memories in Cuba, Hawaii, and Venezuela to the grayscale yet stylish London of the ’60s, Manzanera’s story is a rich tapestry of experiences. While Roxy Music forms a significant part of his narrative, the memoir also promises to intrigue readers with his family’s unique history, including connections to a renowned 17th-century Sephardic Jewish pirate, a British spy, and an Italian opera musician.

Phil said, “I’ve written this memoir for my English and Colombian family, dear friends and music fans, who have followed my musical twists and turns for over half a century. It’s a memoir that spans my 50’s childhood in Cuba, Hawaii and Venezuela, when everything seemed in the brightest Technicolor, to monochrome but very cool ‘60’s London and the start of a music career that continues to enrich my life. Roxy Music is an important part of the story but I hope the reader will find my family history every bit as fascinating as my music adventures: I’m proud to be related to the most famous 17th century Sephardic Jewish pirate of the Caribbean, a British spy and and an Italian opera musician.”

The memoirs will feature details of his involvement with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. Phil of course was on the 2006 On An Island tour and Rattle That Lock tour in 2015/16. He also produced On An Island with David Gilmour and he could well be working on David’s new album 2024.

David Gilmour on Manzanera’s Album

Phil Manzanera’s album “6PM,” released in July 2004, features David Gilmour. This album is noteworthy as it represents a reunion of the classic line-up of Roxy Music (excluding Bryan Ferry). Gilmour appears on two tracks of this album, “Always You” and “Sacred Days”. These tracks also feature contributions from Robert Wyatt, another long-time friend of Pink Floyd, who provides trumpets and drums. The album “6PM” is a diverse collection ranging from love songs to progressive rock, with Gilmour’s guitar work significantly enhancing the album’s appeal

Phil also worked on Pink Floyd’s final studio album and ode to Richard Wright The Endless River.

Phil Manzanera Revolucion to Roxy Book 2024
Phil Manzanera Revolucion to Roxy Book 2024

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