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Southampton Dock (Waters)

They disembarked in 45
And no-one spoke and no-one smiled
There were to many spaces in the line.
Gathered at the cenotaph
All agreed with the hand on heart
To sheath the sacrificial Knifes.
But now
She stands upon Southampton dock
With her handkerchief
And her summer frock clings
To her wet body in the rain.
In quiet desperation knuckles
White upon the slippery reins
She bravely waves the boys Goodbye again.

And still the dark stain spreads between
His shoulder blades.
A mute reminder of the poppy fields and graves.
And when the fight was over
We spent what they had made.
But in the bottom of our hearts
We felt the final cut.

The Final Cut was Roger Water’s final album with Pink Floyd

  1. The Post War Dream
  2. Your Possible Pasts
  3. One of the Few
  4. The Hero’s Return
  5. The Gunner’s Dream
  6. Paranoid Eyes
  7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  8. The Fletcher Memorial Home
  9. Southampton Doc
  10. The Final Cut
  11. Not Now John
  12. Two Suns in the Sunset

Analysis of Southampton Dock

Pink Floyd’s “Southampton Dock,” a track from their 1983 album “The Final Cut,” stands as a poignant reflection on the aftermath of war. The song is a melancholic ballad that captures the deep scars and profound sense of loss experienced by those who survived World War II.

The lyrics poignantly depict soldiers returning home in 1945, marked by silence and unsmiling faces, with “too many spaces in the line” — a haunting reminder of the comrades lost in battle. This imagery powerfully conveys the void left by those who didn’t return, embodying the collective grief and unspoken burdens carried by the survivors.

“Southampton Dock” extends beyond its historical context, resonating with universal themes of sacrifice, loss, and the lasting impact of conflict. The song invites listeners to delve into the unspoken truths of war’s aftermath, reflecting on how these events shape both individual lives and society as a whole. In its quiet, reflective manner, it stands as a testament to Pink Floyd’s ability to craft deeply moving and thought-provoking music, providing a window into the emotional landscape of a post-war world.

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