Syd Barrett Documentary Preview in London April 2023

Have You Got It Yet The Story of Syd Barrett
Have You Got It Yet The Story of Syd Barrett

Further to the previous article about Mercury Studios having finished making the Have You Got It Yet Documentary about Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, I can tell you that there will be a preview of the documentary in London on 27th April 2023. Further details to follow.

The documentary is the story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, directed by award-winning filmmaker Roddy Bogawa and late renowned graphic designer Storm Thorgerson. The film explores Syd Barrett’s life, a founding member of Pink Floyd, who was pushed out of the group due to an alleged LSD-induced breakdown and replaced by childhood friend David Gilmour. The documentary highlights Barrett’s contributions to the band, his two solo LPs, and his return to painting in his last years.

Featuring intimate interviews with David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and other notable figures, the film is narrated by actor Jason Isaacs and includes over fifty Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett music tracks. The film offers a glimpse into how Barrett’s creative genius and experimentation influenced Pink Floyd and draws parallels with the tragic stories of Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, and other artists whose success put immense pressure on their fragile creative energy. Through the lens of bandmates, friends, and musicians, the documentary portrays the story of young friends growing up in the mid-sixties, driven by their idealism, ambitions, and dreams during a pivotal cultural moment.

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