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Let There Be More Light

(Waters) 5:38

Far, far, far away – way
People heard him say – say
I will find a way – way
There will come a day – day
Something will be done.

Then at last the mighty ship
Descending on a point of flame
Made contact with the human race
at Mildenhall

Now, now, now is the time – time
Time to be – be – be aware

Carter’s father saw him there and
Knew the road revealed to him
The living soul of of Hereward the Wake

Oh, my, something in my eye – eye
Something in the sky – sky
Waiting there for me

The outer lock rolled slowly back
The service men were heard to sigh
For there revealed in glowing robes
Was Lucy in the sky

Oh – oh – did you ever know – know
Never ever will they
I cannot say

Something in his cosmic art
And glowing slightly from his toes
His psychic emanations flowed

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05. A Saucerful Of Secrets
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About The Song

“Let There Be More Light” is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on their second album, “A Saucerful of Secrets” in 1968. The song was written by the band’s bassist, Roger Waters.

“Let There Be More Light” is a heavy and intense song that features a mix of psychedelic and progressive rock elements. The song’s lyrics describe a sci-fi story about a military mission to outer space, with the goal of discovering extra-terrestrial life. The song’s protagonist, a military astronaut, is haunted by his own mortality and the possibility of alien attack.

Musically, “Let There Be More Light” is characterized by its driving rhythm and heavy use of distorted guitars and keyboards. The song features a powerful and intricate guitar solo by David Gilmour, and a frenetic and chaotic instrumental section towards the end. The song’s use of musical and lyrical tension creates a sense of urgency and impending danger, reflecting the song’s themes of space exploration and the unknown.

“Let There Be More Light” was not released as a single, but it has become a classic and iconic part of Pink Floyd’s early catalogue, and a testament to their innovative and genre-defying sound. The song’s use of heavy and intense instrumentation would become a hallmark of Pink Floyd’s later work, and a major influence on the development of progressive and hard rock.

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