Listen to Roger Waters’ New Version of Dark Side of the Moon 2023 – Video Clip

Roger Waters has re-recorded Dark Side of the Moon from scratch and you can now listen to an additional preview of the new recording below.

Nick Mason, who had a listen to the new recording a short while back had very positive things to say about it.

“He actually sent me a copy of what he was working on and I wrote to him and said, ‘Annoyingly, it’s absolutely brilliant!‘ It was and is. It’s not anything that would be a spoiler for the original at all, it’s an interesting add-on to the thing.”

Take a listen to a short clip, that Roger shared on his twitter just now. I presume this is part of the final mastered version of the new recording of the album so it technically the first preview of the new recording. He did previously share a clip of the recording process for Us & Them – also available below.

If the video player doesn’t appear below, listen here. Also, let us know what you think about the project here.

Interestingly the video features two words. The well known DSOTM which, of course, stands for Dark Side of the Moon. But it also has the word REDUX. Redux is a post-positive adjective meaning ‘brought back, restored’ (from Latin reducere, ‘to bring back’) used in literature, film and video game titles.

Hopefully more details will become available soon with regards to its release and the different formats it will be available on. It was previewed by Nick at Dolby Atmos in London so high quality versions will be available for audio purists.

Divided Opinion

There are many people of course who do not want to listen to any re-recording of Dark Side of the Moon as they feel it is prefectly fine as it is. That is understandable as the original release, featuring the work of all Pink Floyd members at the time is pretty much perfect and cannot be beaten. This new version by Roger Waters can never come near what the whole band had to offer. But I am rather looking forward to listening to a new interpretation of the album, which is in now way a replacement of the original album.

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