Roger Waters The Wall Live Film

Roger Waters The Wall Movie in Cinemas This Year

Roger Waters - The Wall Live DVD Film
Roger Waters – The Wall Live DVD Film

Roger Waters The Wall Movie is set to be shown in selected cinemas in a special event this year after fans have waited for much time to see it!

The film was recorded on Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-13 which was seen by four million fans across the world.

The film has three parts covering an immersive concert experience of the classic Pink Floyd album, a road movie of Waters’ reckoning with the past and as a stirring anti-war film, highlighting the human cost of conflict.

Intelligence Summary Eric Waters 1944
Intelligence Summary Eric Waters 1944

Roger goes on a pilgrimage to explore the impact of war on his own family – in February 2014 Roger Waters visited Italy where his father was killed in World War Two.

Roger Waters Pilgrimage to Italy in October 2013
Roger Waters Pilgrimage to Italy

This event has shaped many of the songs Roger has written over the years and no doubt has had a significant influence on his political views which often cause controversy.

The photo above shows Roger on a pilgrimage to Italy where Roger visited a memorial to his late father. The Wall Movie documents Roger’s journey across Europe in what will be a very moving and personal story.

The Wall Movie Roger Waters

With the release of The Wall Movie now even more fans will get to experience the concert with the benefit of quality cinema sound and vision. The film was recorded in super high definition 4K which should look stunning and features very immersive Dolby Atmos sound – this is going to be a really special audio/visual experience not to be missed!

The movie was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year in September. Roger said in a Q&A session at the festival that he was still looking for a distributor for the film and now looks like he has found one. Hopefully the film will also go on Blu-Ray and DVD for fans to enjoy at home stay tuned for more on that.

Fathom Events are screening the movie at 19 Picturehouse Entertainment cinemas in the UK (possibly others too stay tuned for info) on Tuesday 29th September 2015. Tickets go on sale on Friday 19th June 2015. Make sure to put a reminder in your calendar now!

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12 thoughts on “Roger Waters The Wall Movie in Cinemas This Year”

  1. Suzie i am with you on that one here’s hoping, judging by what we are reading above “selected” cinemas no doubt will be in the U.K. first hand
    followed by? If not a bluray edition would be fine in time, that would suit me and to many other fans in various formats, all we can do i guess
    is wait and see the outcome

  2. Please show it in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Saw the show live at Wembley Sept 2013 & it was amazing.Would love to see it again.

  3. Seen the show twice & I was blown away both times I’ve been waiting so long for the bluray release. So Roger let’s be having it sooner rather later. Is there anybody out there..

  4. Seen the show three Times including the last show in Paris. So please, distribute the movie world wild !!!

  5. What about in the US? It would be great if a chain like Regal cinemas picked this up. Looks like it will be at the Toronto film fest so it makes sense that there would be an international release. I would love to see this.

  6. I hope it is shown at other cinemas – need membership for Picture House cinemas – 45 pounds to start with! Then ticket price on top.

  7. Living for this moment. Saw the original Wall in the Nassau Collisum and both Wall concerts in Fort Lauderdale, among many other Pink Floyd concerts. A MUST SEE.

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