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Rick Wright On An Island Tour 2006

Richard Wright’s 80th Birthday – Wet Dream Remix Released with Dolby Atmos Screening Last Night in London

Today, we celebrate what would have been the 80th birthday of a true musical legend, Richard Wright. As the visionary keyboardist of Pink Floyd, Wright’s beautiful soundscapes and exploratory harmonies played an integral part in creating the band’s distinct, immersive sound. From the dreamy chords in ‘Us and Them’ to the hypnotic textures of ‘Echoes’, Wright’s contributions were the heart of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic canvas, creating a sonic backdrop against which the band painted their legendary, era-defining music. He was not just a keyboard player; he was a sound explorer, a space weaver, and an ethereal architect of Pink Floyd’s iconic sound. Wright may have departed this world, but his legacy continues to live on, touching the hearts of millions, inspiring countless musicians, and reshaping the landscape of rock music as we know it. Today, we remember and honour him. Happy birthday, Richard Wright. Wet Dream Out Today To mark...

Roger Waters

Roger Waters to Perform Dark Side of the Moon Redux Live in London in 2023

Get Roger Waters Tickets for London Palladium Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has announced he will release a reimagined version of the band’s legendary 1973 album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ The re-recorded album, titled ‘The Dark Side of the Moon Redux,’ is set to release on October 6th, 2023, with live performances at the London Palladium scheduled for October 8th and 9th. “We’re going to do it live at the London Palladium, in October…we look forward to that…hopefully performing it live on other occasions in the future,” said Waters, fueling anticipation for the event and giving fans worldwide hope for more performances. 2023-10-08 : Roger Waters at The London Palladium, London, England2023-10-09 : Roger Waters at The London Palladium, London, England A Tribute to the Original… The inspiration for the reimagined album came from Waters’ work on ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ EP, which led him to consider ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’...

Nick Mason Pompeii

Nick Mason Becomes Honorary Citizen of Pompeii on the Day He Performs There

Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, has been awarded the title of honorary citizen of Pompeii in Italy. He received the title today, joined by his wife Annette, at the small ceremony at the City Hall – known locally as the Commune di Pompeii. Nick Mason is in town with his excellent Saucerful of Secrets band performing at the Teatro Grande in the ancient ruins, this evening. Pompeii is famous for lots of reasons including the great volcano eruption that preserved a Roman city and was only relatively recently rediscovered. Its also famous for Pink Floyd’s 1972 film Live at Pompeii where they recorded a rather excellent and experimental film of them performing, sharing clips behind the scenes and of recording Dark Side of the Moon. There is a Pink Floyd museum at the amphitheater. Watch a video of the event : What is Pompeii Famous For? Pompeii, an ancient...

Vault 57 Syd Barrett Solo Albums

Syd Barrett Solo Albums in Limited Edition LP Collection

Third Man Records, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, is set to release Syd Barrett’s solo albums – The Madcap Laughs, Barrett, and Opel – as the 57th installment of the Vault subscription series. Having been out of print individually for almost a decade, the albums are now available together on 180-gram vinyl. The release also includes a bonus 7-inch single by David Gilmour covering Barrett’s compositions “Dominoes” and “Dark Globe.” All albums and the single are housed in a custom slipcase featuring new exclusive artwork. The collection celebrates Barrett’s influence on the psychedelic and folk realms and his iconic leadership of Pink Floyd, with orders available until midnight CST on July 31st. Ordering Track Listing VAULT PACKAGE #57: THE SOLO WORKS OF SYD BARRETT 3xLP BOX SET TRACKLISTING The Madcap Laughs Barrett Opel David Gilmour 7-inch single “Dark Globe” b/w “Dominoes”

Squaring The Circle Story of Hipgnosis

BluRay of Squaring The Circle The Story of Hipgnosis Out in August

If you don’t fancy watching the feature length documentary of Squaring The Circle The Story of Hipgnosis in your local cinema, perhaps through fear of local youths throwing things at you like at my cinema in Liverpool, then you might prefer to invest in an excellent collectors edition BluRay instead. It is only £18 and is released 7th August 2023. Alternatively, you can stream on Amazon Prime Video for £9.99. Celebrated photographer, creative director and filmmaker Anton Corbijn’s first feature documentary SQUARING THE CIRCLE (the story of hipgnosis) tells the story of Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey “Po” Powell, the creative geniuses behind the iconic album art design studio, Hipgnosis, responsible for some of the most recognizable album covers of all time. They formed Hipgnosis in Cambridge during the ferment of the sixties and became rock royalty during the boom time of the seventies. They conjured into existence sights that no...

Roger Waters Dark Side Redux LP

Roger Waters’ Dark Side of the Moon Redux Out 6 October 2023

To celebrate the golden anniversary of Pink Floyd’s monumental ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, legendary bassist Roger Waters has made a thrilling announcement. To pay a melodious tribute to this epoch-defining opus, Waters is all set to deliver his reinterpretation entitled ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux‘. In a fresh spin on the iconic tracks, the first single “Money” is already painting the aural landscape in new colours. Music aficionados can indulge in the resounding notes streaming now across all major platforms. Curious fans can also sneak a listen below via the accompanying YouTube video. Brace yourselves for 6th October 2023, as this revisited classic is slated to hit the market. The retro aesthetic meets modern demand as ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux’ will be available in a spectrum of vinyl colours, nostalgic cassette format, easily accessible digital, and timeless CD format. There is a new...