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Roger Waters Arena Tour 2020 & Latest on Pink Floyd Reunion Topic (Not Good)

Roger Waters, the “creative force of Pink Floyd”, is to tour in 2020 doing indoor arena dates during “election year” in the United States. It is set to be even more political than usual. The usual question of “Pink Floyd reunion” was also mentioned in a recent Rolling Stone interview to publicise the Us and Them film. It is not looking good.

Roger Waters Tour 2017 - Roger Smiling Playing Guitar
Roger Waters Smiling Playing Guitar

Roger was talking about his upcoming film, which he co-directed with Sean Evans called Us & Them. The film has concert footage from his stop in Amsterdam on the Us & Them tour and is set to thrill cinema goers this week. The film is showing today 2nd Oct 2019 and Sunday 6th October.

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Roger Waters Tour 2020

On the topic of the new 2020 Roger Waters tour, in a very interesting interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Roger said…

“I think the plan is to do 30 or 40 gigs in North America in election year, and also a few gigs probably only in Mexico City. If we’re playing in the States, I really want to go to Mexico because audiences are stunning. I love the people. It’ll be Canada, the U.S.A., and maybe three gigs in Mexico City. And that’s all. I can’t go off around the world, and I don’t really want to either. And I’m not doing any outdoor shows; I’m just doing arenas, so there’s only one thing to produce. But it’ll be a new show. It will be no-holds-barred.”

A More Political Dimension

Roger Waters Tour Liverpool Donald Trump
Roger Waters Tour Liverpool Donald Trump

Roger has a political dimension to him that many fans may or may not agree with. He has promised that the new tour in 2020 will be even more political than usual. Donald Trump of course has his Wall and Roger wrote an album about Walls too! Roger said said…

It will be even more political than Us + Them was — political and humane. We were listening to songs and looking at set lists today. We were talking about, what should we call it? I shouldn’t be giving this away, but I don’t give a shit because it will probably all change, but imagine the iconic helicopter that normally comes before “Happiest Days” and “Brick 2” — that noise that we all know and love — and imagine a megaphone, somebody abused this device before, I know — but, “This is not a drill.” I thought that could be a good title for the show: This Is Not a Drill. The ruling class is killing us.

Pink Floyd Reunion?

Pink Floyd Reunion
Pink Floyd Reunion in 2012

The age old question of whether or not there will be a Pink Floyd reunion any time soon was answered in the interview. The topic is often brought up in interviews and certainly generates interest from fans, many of which are keen to see Roger and David working together again with Nick Mason. Apparently, there was a wide ranging meeting held including Roger Waters and David Gilmour back in June 2019. Roger said…

We had a big meeting where I came up with a big peace plan that has come to nothing, sadly… I bet all Pink Floyd fans are sorry to hear that. They all hoped that we could kiss and make up and everything would be wonderful in a cozy, wonderful world. Well, it wouldn’t be all that cozy or wonderful for me, because I left Pink Floyd in 1985 for a reason. The reason being that I wanted to get on with my work.

So, there you have it. A North American tour and somewhat soured relations with David Gilmour.

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Read the Rolling Stone Magazine article with Roger Waters interview

18 thoughts on “Roger Waters Arena Tour 2020 & Latest on Pink Floyd Reunion Topic (Not Good)”

  1. That would be amazing to get them back together in memory of Rick & Sid. I missed the Live 8 show but caught the recording on dvd Pink Floyd has changed my life…. For what it’s worth thanks Guys for the last 32 years when I first hear Wish You Were Here I was 16 years old & guys wish you were here….

  2. The “creative force” has come up with nothing memorable since parting ways with David. David, meanwhile, does concerts where half the material is new and is well received.

  3. I love Pink Floyd. In my opinion I think David is alot better musician than Roger. Not taken credit away from Roger cause he is also good musician, I just prefer the music of David. I went an saw 2 different tours at 3 different venues in the past. I also saw Roger’s tour last year. I enjoyed his music and the show, all but the political part that is. I dont like it when musicians and actors/actresses try to force their influence on their audiences who has paid their salaries just to watch their shows. To me that is in poor taste and bad judgment to subject your audiences too, especially the ones who paid to see you and be subject to to that behavior. No disrespect meant but perhaps high profile people should not do that to their audiences. Just my opinion though.

  4. Forget the reunion, hoping for Pink Floyd to reunite is akin to a Van Hagar reunion. Only in our dreams. However us fans need to make the most of it as sadly, mortality among us mere humans puts an end to things. Can’t wait for Roger’s new tour of 2020. Looking forward to the dates. If THE WALL was superfluous and US + THEM was geopolitical, then the “NOT A DRILL” tour will be a metaphysical feast for the senses. Perhaps Roger’s last live performances before retirement. I wish Nick Mason would tour down under and Dave Gilmour would release one final album and tour before calling it quits. Their legacy is immortal even as solo artists. Vale Syd Barrett and Rick Wright!

  5. We would LOVE and welcome ANY performances, political or otherwise!! We love the music! Love the creativity of the performances! We have seen both geniuses, Roger and David concerts and they are both SPECTACULAR! We can’t wait until tickets go on sale!! No one compares to their style and certainly their productions!! Thank you!!!!

  6. Roger and David ironically enough share many political and societal ideologies, yet have historically disagreed profoundly on matters of musical composition.

    I’m perfectly fine with the reunion not happening at this stage of the game: Roger’s Us and Them tour highlighted the best shows that I have ever seen. And David seems to be quite content living his life without much pressure relating to tours and the production of albums. Nick is touring with his band successfully.

    While I’m happy that Roger and Nick still have the drive to carry on, as a unit- I’m not sure what more us fans could possibly ask of them that they haven’t already given us.

  7. I’m a new Pink Floyd fan, I love both old and new. It’s such a shame I will never get to see them live.

  8. No More Pink Floyd Ever Again Like David Said After Rick Wright Past Away Because He Was Pink Floyd And Really Nick Mason Was Last Remaining Pink Floyd Member To Stay.

  9. Roger Waters = Pink Floyd
    He was the composer, writer, creative , ….
    The new Pink Floyd is pop floyd ..a bad blue copy of the original

    Roger Waters dont need Mason and David.

  10. I have seen Floyd ,David and Roger LOVED IT ALL but roger should do a lot more home work on Donald. He is great at his production/lyrics and marketability but is WRONG about his personal views and unfortunately I will not be supporting him after going to over 20 shows {THE WALL 6 TIMES)

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