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Mudmen (Wright, Gilmour) 4:20


01. Obscured By Clouds
02. When You’re In
03. Burning Bridges
04. Gold It’s In The…
05. Wot’s… Uh The Deal
06. Mudmen
07. Childhood’s End
08. Free Four
09. Stay
10. Absolutely Curtains

About the Song

“Mudmen” is an instrumental track from Pink Floyd’s 1972 album “Obscured by Clouds,” providing a haunting and melodic soundscape that contributes to the album’s overall ambiance and narrative.

The instrumental “Mudmen” from Pink Floyd’s “Obscured by Clouds” album is a stirring piece that showcases the band’s capacity for creating evocative music without words. The track features a somber yet beautiful interplay between Richard Wright’s atmospheric organ and David Gilmour’s expressive guitar work.

As the seventh track on the album, “Mudmen” offers a tranquil, almost meditative experience. The slow build-up of Wright’s keyboards sets a reflective tone, which is complemented by Gilmour’s melodic guitar solos that ebb and flow throughout the piece. The song’s title suggests an earthy, primordial element, which is mirrored in the music’s grounding yet expansive feel.

Nick Mason’s restrained percussion provides a gentle rhythmic backbone, giving space for the organ and guitar to breathe and resonate. The absence of lyrics allows the listener’s imagination to take the forefront, with the music acting as a backdrop for personal reflection or visualization.

“Mudmen” contributes to the cinematic quality of “Obscured by Clouds,” enhancing the album’s narrative that parallels the film “La Vallée” and offering a moment of calm introspection amidst more rock-oriented tracks.

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